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I am going to share with you lot of useful tools FOR FREE

that can help you to grow your online business and also save time and money.

Yellow Pages Scraping Tool

This free tools allows to:

  • Collecting Data: Business Name, Website, Address, Phone Number
  • Research Keywords and Location are configured into a .ini file
  • Store the collected data into a CSV file
  • Available for all OS Targets: MacOs, Linux and Windows

Example of use:

  1. Open the config.ini file and put your keywords
  2. In the terminal, Go to the tool folder and launch the exe file:
    • Linux: ./app-linux
    • Windows: ./app-windows.exe
    • MacOS: ./app-macos
  3. After finishing, a result.csv file will be generated
yellow pages scraper

If you need any help using this tools you can contact us.